Nothing compares to the feel and elegance of natural stone countertops, Granite has fast become popular in recent years for this reason and for the multitude of varieties and colours available, chiefly made of Quartz and Feldspar being very dense and hard stands up well to the treatment it receives, being mostly chemical resistant to Alkali and Acids is another good reason of choice in the Kitchen. Generally the Lighter Granites are softer than darks.

It is worth asking your supplier to be sure that the Granite supplied is not a Basalt or Dyed as these Granites are not  acid resistant and can be damaged and very difficult to restore.

Although some suppliers may not recommend sealing Granite it is always best to test first because there are granites that are more porous than others, a simple test would be to apply a few drops of water to the surface for a minute or so then wipe off if the Granite is darker in the area where you applied the water then it will need sealing.

Services we offer for your Granite worktops

  • Surface scratch marks 
  • Chipped edges
  • Impact marks and scratches
  • Cracks of more than 2 mm in depth
  • Broken corners
  • Defects caused during installation and finishing



Many of our cleaning products meet todays need for eco friendly cleaning & sealing solutions.

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Chip repair before and after