You don’t have to replace your tile & grout when you can make them look new for a fraction of the cost of replacement…

“is your Tile & grout dirty ? Missing grout lines? Dirty ingrained grout lines? Chipped or broken tiles? We can help

Services we offer  for your tiled areas.

  • Deep clean and sanitize tile and grout lines
  • Re-grouting: replacing missing or damaged grout (cracked, stained)
  • We can re-colour your grout a much better alternative than replacement (re-colouring seals your grout lines too!)

Other man made tiles we clean and restore are Clay Mexican Saltillo or Terracotta, Quarry, and Victorian tiles Encaustic.

Today more than ever Ceramic & Porcelain is the number one selling material for flooring and wall tiles up until now Ceramic being glazed was not a problem other than the grout becoming soiled and stained,

Now with modern Porcelain manufacturing processes it is possible to create as near as possible natural stone textures and finishes like Riven slate- Sandstone - Limestone - Travertine - Marble & Granite its these textured surfaces that can be very difficult to clean & maintain

The grout depending on the type is often porous and textured & allows  stains and soiling to penetrate becoming unsightly.  If the grout will not come clean it is now possible to re- colour & seal the grout making the grout look new!

Some polished Porcelain may be slightly porous and need protecting with a sealer so testing first is recommended.

Many of our cleaning products meet todays need for eco friendly cleaning & sealing solutions.

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Grout re-colouring