In many premises be it homes or commercial installations often personal décor design or type of stone and cost has been chosen rather than consideration as to how  the material will perform against heavy foot traffic, hardness scratch resistance, chemical resistance, porosity density and soiling resistance, slip resistance, maintenance issues, these questions should all be considered when choosing the location for installation.

With care and implementing a correct maintenance program and aftercare products you can extend the period between the need for  renovation, eventually it will become  necessary to restore your stone to its former glory when first installed for many natural stones whether honed or polished will require specialist diamond abrasives or compounds to remove deep scratches, stains, etching, unsightly wear and tear in walkways or  any other damage.

Each job will need an assessment to decide on the right method of restoration depending on one or any of the above problems encountered.

Our 5-Step System for Obtaining & Maintaining Beautiful Stone

Step 1 Consultation / Evaluation
First, we inspect your stone and perform a number of tests to determine type of stone. We will inspect the wear patterns and damage on the stone. After reviewing this data, we can restore a sample area for a nominal charge. This will allow us to be very precise in our diagnosis of the problem and give you a snapshot of what your stone surface should look like. We can also determine if your stone should be sealed.

Step 2 Restoration
Through the use of trained stone technicians, state-of the-art equipment and materials, we will restore your stone surface to its original beauty. All work will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

Step 3 Impregnation/Protection
Many stones are susceptible to stains from spills of coffee, soft drinks, soiling from normal foot traffic, oils and many other things. It can be protected against these stains by the use of an impregnator. An impregnator is an integral part of an ongoing, proactive stone care program. We use only the best, sometimes most expensive impregnators available on the market. Impregnators facilitate an easier, cost effective maintenance program for all natural stone by offering long term protection against stains and dirt penetration.

Step 4 Daily Maintenance Training
Most people use what they consider to be "safe" techniques and chemicals on their stone to care for it on a daily basis. What may be safe for tile or ceramic, can be damaging to natural stone. After we restore your stone surface to its original beauty, we are happy to train you or your cleaning company on how to maintain a restored  appearance on a routine basis. We can even supply you with our recommended daily stone cleaner to use.

Step 5 Periodic Follow-Up Restoration
Even after stone has been restored and impregnated, its new beautiful appearance is not permanent. Proper daily care will greatly extend the beautiful appearance, but on-going foot-traffic and other factors will always be wearing away at the bright, clean appearance. A periodic maintenance program will mean additional expense, but it will ensure a beautiful floor at all times and prevent the need for a complete restoration in the future. After restoration, we can design a periodic restoration schedule. The frequency will be determined by both the needs of your specific stone and the appearance level that you would like to maintain.

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Severe Lippage & worn surface damaged grout



Marble after restoration and grout repair