When it comes to choosing a type of flooring material or wall tile, fire surround, table tops and counter tops nothing really substitutes the natural look, colour and feel of real stone,

With so many types of variety, surface textures, varying degrees of soil absorption & penetration depending upon the stones porosity & density can make the cleaning process difficult if not almost impossible.

Think of all the different products and cleaners you have used or been advised to buy that simply did not work? Or worse still suppliers and installers selling cleaners, sealers & finishes that promise you will no longer have to worry about the floor?

Its not that many of these cleaners or sealing products do not work, in the majority of cases it comes down to a  lack of training, knowledge and experience of the correct choice of products to use and application or maintenance procedures not being implemented.

Fortunately through many years of experience working with many stone types, finishes testing a multitude of products means that in most cases we can successfully clean and restore your floor, however it should be remembered that depending upon the stones condition or damage a renovation process using special tools and abrasives will be needed.
Many of our cleaning products meet todays need for eco friendly cleaning & sealing solutions .

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